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Author Reading at a Local Library

I was very excited to be invited to read my book called, The Bakery Shop By PD Hoyt to a small group of children at the Thornton Public Library. I was reminded of the difference between school aged children and younger children. The different age groups of the children kept me on my toes. I was happy that I was a teacher and learned many ways to entertain a variety of ages. This came in handy at this reading.

Children learn to listen to stories at different ages and stages in their life. The earlier you read to them the better. Reading helps children become interested in books and also gives them a head start to be ready for listening in school and listening to other people read to them. Listening to stories helps children build a love for learning as well as increases their language and vocabulary skills.

Sometimes you do not think a child is listening to you read because they are off playing with a toy but, then you find out that they are interested. They end up checking your book out at the library and the parent informs you that their child has repeatedly acted out your story with the character puppets. This just brings a smile to my face when I hear that I hooked a child on a book.

The moral of this blog is keep on reading to children even if they can't keep still to listen because they are listening in their own way and they just might surprise you by repeating the story to you out loud and then ask to check out that book from your local library.

I had a wonderful time reading to the children at the Thornton Public Library and I have been asked back to read again. And I will!

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