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The Alphabet Comes Marching In & Literacy Guide Set (Ages 4-10)

The Alphabet Comes Marching In & Literacy Guide Set (Ages 4-10)

A Softcover Book ( 11" X 8.5" Portriat style) and Literacy (Game Book) Guide Set

By Patricia Dunfey Hoyt and Illustrated By Natalie Blazhievska.


This Alphabet Comes Marching In  is a game book created to help children learn about the parts of speech called nouns and verbs. This can be taught to children in a fun playful, and interactive way through movement and games. This story can be read or sung to the chorus of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again, Hurrah, Hurrah." This song is in the Public Domain and was written by Louis Lambert a.k.a. Patrick Gilmore, and adapted from African-American Spiritual.


Children love to play game one in the literacy guide and teach the nouns how to move like the verb suggests. This game along with the other four games will be very beneficial to children as they learn about nouns and verbs, they might even feel "Like a winner" after playing all the games!

This book might also help increase children's vocabulary through learning about BIG rich verbs and nouns.

Children will be introduced to different typefaces for letters of the alphabet as well.

There are 5 noun tiles for EACH  alphabet letter, a total of 130 paper character noun tiles which are included in the literacy guide to be used with the 5 games!

Order your book today and start teaching your child or children about nouns and verbs by reading, singing, and playing the games in The Alphabet Comes Marching In Book and Literacy Guide.

These games have been tested on many kindergarten children over the years. They loved playing game one in the literacy guide called, The NO-VE-MO Game! I bet your child would like it too!

Books will be avalible too on Amazon in June of 2023.

  • Listen Along

    Hear a short excerpt from The Alphabet Comes Marching In

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