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The Bakery Shop (Ages 3-10)

The Bakery Shop (Ages 3-10)

A ( "8.5 X 11") Hardcover with a Dust Jacket.

The story is written By Patricia Dunfey Hoyt and Illustrated By Brenda Cogswell.

The Bakery Shop story is a diverse, interactive, musical, counting finger play story about kindness and sharing. This story comes with cut out paper character puppets, paper bakery treats, and paper coins for acting out the story. Also included is a sheet of donut fun facts, and an old 1900's Donut Recipe. A Literacy Guide with lesson plans is included in this hardcover book. The lesson plans help adults use this book in an educational way by encouraging socialization, dramatic play skills, fine motor skills, as well as reading and language development skills.

(During Covid-19 Times these activities can be used at home, in schools, through facetime and zoom to interact with family members near and far.) Reading helps reduce stress and anxiety in adults and children, so pick up a book and read.

Order your book today. It makes a great birthday or holiday gift.

Kickstarter Campaign was successful with over 200 book sales. The Kickstarter ran from 10/5/21-11/5/21. Books arrived on 4/7/22 and are being sent out on 4/11/22 from the Plymouth Post Office. Purchase your book and it will be in the mail within a day.

Keep on Reading and Enjoying Stories!

Help keep kids kindness and curiosity alive by ordering diverse interactive books.


Happy Reading!

P.D. Hoyt-Author, Educator, Teacher, Mother


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