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January 3, 2023

The Alphabet Comes Marching In  and 

The Alphabet Comes Marching In Literacy Guide has arrived and was printed in New Hampshire in November of 2022.  I am very excited to share it with everyone who would like a copy. It is in stock here and ready for your purchase.

Be sure to check out The Mother’s Day Gift  too, it was printed at Amazon and is for sale here, but is currently out of stock. It has been reordered and will be available in 10 days. It is a book for teenagers, seeing the signs after a loved one dies. This story is appropriate for young children ages 10+, as  a chapter book for young readers to adults. It is also for sale on Amazon as a soft cover book for $12.99


Click the Browse Book Button for descriptions of The Bakery Shop story printed in April 2021 that is also for sale on this website.

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