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 Dragonfly Publishing        Books have...

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"Keeping Kindness & Curiosity Alive"

Through Fun, Diverse, Interactive,

Problem Solving, Musical Stories and Plays.

Some Books Come with Lesson Plans & Character Paper Puppets.

For Children Ages Pre K-Third Grade

The Bakery Shop By P.D. Hoyt

Illustrated By Brenda Cogswell

The Alphabet Comes Marching In 

By P.D. Hoyt

Illustrated By Natalie Talalinan

Early Chapter Books for Ages 10+

The Mother's Day Gift By P.D. Hoyt

Illustrated By Bill Batson

Hello, Welcome to

Dragonfly Publishing website! 

Here, you can learn more about the three stories I have written and also about me!  

I am Patricia Dunfey Hoyt and I am curious! And I hope you are too! I am always writing, learning, creating and finding answers to questions that I am curious about! 

 How about you,

Are you curious?

In 2019, I was very curious about Dragonflies because I started seeing many of them and I thought this is very strange because I had never seen one before. So like some of you, I started reading as much as I could about dragonflies because I was very curious as to why I was seeing so many of them. This lead me on a journey and one of my stories is based on this journey and why I named my business after this insect. I hope you will be curious too and read my stories to find out why I chose the dragonfly as my publishing name. When you find the answer email me and I will send you a surprise.

Are you curious now?

 My name is Patricia Dunfey Hoyt and I am an author of Children's Literature Books. I am also a mother, and a retired public school teacher, who taught for 34 years. I also owned and operated my own preschool Activity Center for children Ages 2-10. The name of my center was called "Curious Too." I often thought of writing stories and becoming an author throughout the course of my life. Now, I have the opportunity to follow my retirement dreams and do just that! 

 I am an author who creates stories that are fun, engaging, and interactive. My goal is to "Keep Kindness & Curiosity Alive" through creative and interactive stories. I encourage everyone to read my educational lesson plans that help educate children to learn, grow, and develop a love for learning.

 At the end of some of my stories are lesson plans and character puppets, that can be used to involve children in learning by interacting with the story through acting and engaging in a play using the story book. These paper character puppets encourage interaction, socialization, language and reading skills as well as communication and fine motor skills.

I know you will love the illustrators I have chosen to bring these stories to life! 

 Parents will enjoy the familiar phrases that help young children develop and learn to read, communicate, count and use language and dramatic play skills.

 Children will love the interactive books that involve them in fingerplays, songs, rhythm, rhyme, and predictable repeated word phrases. They will also enjoy using the character puppets to create stick puppets to act out these stories and to create their own stories through dramatic play.

 My stories are best for

Pre-Kindergarten through Third Grade and range from Children's Literature Picture Books to Early Reader Chapter Books. Adults enjoy these stories too and often will act them out with children.

​I invite you to buy a book and help 

"Keep Kids Kindness & Curiosity Alive."

 Happy Reading!

Patricia Dunfey Hoyt




Committed to Quality

 Stories Written By: Patricia Dunfey Hoyt

Check out all of Patricia’s Books including The Mother’s Day Gift  for children ages 10+


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Dragonfly Publishing is a self-publishing service providing Children's Literature stories. These books can be purchased through this website by clicking on each book. The author Patricia hopes you will enjoy reading and interacting with these stories with your children, by...

 "Keeping Kindness & Curiosity Alive,"

while learning and having fun with your children! 

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