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Come Check Out My Kickstarter Campaign, Launch Date: 10/5/21

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

I am so excited to announce that my Kickstarter Campaign for my first book called, The Bakery Shop will be launched on October 5th, 2021. Please sign in to Kickstarter so you can see what it is all about and back me. There are a lot of reward tiers to choose from and you can see a presentation on my book.

Thank You,



I am so super thankful to all my backers who pre-ordered books and donated money to my campaign, Thank you so much!!!!!

I ordered 750 books and 200 were pre-orders to my Kickstarter campaign.

I ordered the books on January 25th and they took nine weeks to get to New Hampshire. The delay was due to the Chinese New Year. My books arrived on April 7th, 2022. Most of the backers received their books in time for the Easter/Passover Holidays. The last big book orders will be sent out on April 20th, 2022. Below are some of the rewards sent. A literacy guide was included in the book. Also included was Donut Facts and a 1900's Donut Recipe.

Character Paper puppets, coins and paper treats are included in the story book, so children can act out the story with friends, siblings, parents, teachers and classmates, as well as with grandparents. Everyone is sure to have fun and hours of entertainment. I hope you enjoy this wonderful story called, The Bakery Shop!

Help Keep Kids Kindness and Curiosity Alive and order your copy today on my Wix Website called Dragonfly Publishing.

Thanks for your support!

P.D. Hoyt-Author, Educator, Teacher, Mother

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