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Cover Reveal in two photos!

My cover reveal is here for my third story. It is called, The Alphabet Comes Marching In- It is a Musical Movement Alphabet Story featuring Nouns & Verbs.

I will be running a Kickstarter Campaign Project to help off-set the cost of printing this book, so if you are interested please keep me in mind for your pre-order of this book. It makes a great gift too.

Well, it certainly looks better than this when you can see the whole cover as one photo. This will have to do for now though.

This book will be great for ages 4-10, so look for more posts in the coming days regarding the start of this Kickstarter.

My illustrator Natalie has done an amazing job using her imagination and creativity to put the illustrations in place for this book.

I love how my graphic designer created cool text, colors, and a great font for the story. It looks so beautiful! I can not wait to share it with everyone.

If you pre-order a book with my Kickstarter you will get a Literacy Guide for free. This Literacy Guide comes with a verb glossary, 130 paper noun tiles, 5 lesson plans and 5 interactive fun games to play. Some of the paper noun tiles were made to use with some of the games.

Children will become winners learning about nouns and verbs in an exciting way, through these games. What a great way to teach children about the alphabet letters, different font styles for letters and nouns and verbs. This book will be a great resource for primary classroom teachers, homeschooling parents and childcare centers. What a fun way to learn about nouns and verbs by moving your body how the verb suggests and inter-acting with the nouns. There are plenty of games to use with your children, so stay tune to my launch 🚀 and my reward tiers that are only offered at the Kickstarter site.

The Alphabet Comes Marching In can be read to your child or sung to your children or students. The book can also be used as a teaching tool for learning the letters of the alphabet as well as the sounds that letters represent. Older children will love the games that can be played that relate to this story. Everyone becomes a winner learning about nouns and verbs and the alphabet letters!

As many of you might already know, a Kickstarter Campaign is an all or nothing campaign. What that means is you need to obtain pre-orders or donations to reach your funding goal. If you do not reach your goal than you do not get any funding, so it is very important to reach your funding goal.

The funds raised go mostly towards paying for a printing company to print my books. I like to order hardcover books because they last longer over time. Hardcover books are more expensive than softcover books. Funds also go toward, off-setting the upfront cost of paying for an illustrator and a graphic design which can really cost a lot of money for quality artist. I do prefer chalk drawings, water coloring or sketches in my books. These types of art work can often, be more expensive than someone who uses digital tools for their art work.

A small fee is given back to the Kickstarter platform who looks through your campaign and approves or disapproves it. All rules must be applied in order to be approved on this platform.

Funds are also used for the shipping and handling of the books that people order through the tiers you set up on your Kickstarter Campaign Project page. Boxes, shipping tape and labels and a label machine are some of the costs that go into the shipping and handling price on a Kickstarter Campaign. As well as, the physical shipping to various parts of the country can be quite costly. Self-published authors like myself also buy business labels to look professional when mailing out 📦 boxes of books.

As you can see from the above list, it is very important for self-published authors to get pre-orders for their books in hopes to be able to print their book for publication. Traditional Authors do not need to worry about this expense because they are paid up front for their books and then get royalties as they sell books through their agent or publishing companies.

I am a self-published author who has spent over a year working on this story with my illustrator and graphic designer getting the book as close to perfection as possible. I can not even begin to tell you how many hours went into creating this story. Surely, if someone asks me and oh they do,

How is your new business going?

What do I tell them?

It’s a lot of hard work, but I really love it!

Are you making any money?

When you just start up a business you are growing it.

Like a garden, you plant all those seeds in hopes that they will flourish in the future.

I like the garden, am planting lots of seeds, by sharing blogs, stories, photographs, joining like minded authors and writing groups, expanding my social media groups and posting more on fb, Twitter, Instagram and my website.

I also have books at three bookstores and know I should expand this and I will in time. I have the book, The Mother’s Day Gift on Amazon and hope to get another one called, The Bakery Shop on this site before the end of the summer. I know this book will be well received on the Amazon platform. I just need to get it there and figure out how to do it.

So the answer to the question,

Are you making any money?

I have sold stories on my website, at the bookstores and convenient stores and on Amazon and at tent sales. People have reordered books through me by phone and email. I have sold books out of my car to hiking friends and friends at the grocery store parking lot. I think the spreading of seeds is beginning to work and more people are finding me and ordering books. I am making some money, but I have invested more than I have made back at this point. I do believe that there will be a time when the investment will be worth it!

I have sold a lot of books through the Pre-Orders on the Kickstarter platform, so that seems to be the best investment if you want to stay in control of your stories.

Please consider buying one of my three books and perhaps pre-ordering on my Kickstarter Campaign Project called The Alphabet Comes Marching In By Patricia Dunfey Hoyt in mid-August.

Details will be posted soon.

Thanks for your support!

Patricia Dunfey Hoyt

Author ✍️


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