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Kickstarter Video

Today I practice my video for Kickstarter at least 25 times. I finally was happy with one of them and posted a video to my project page. I messed up a little at the end, but I am happy with how it came out. No one is perfect and this is the hardest thing to figure out and do. This time around Canva made the whole experience much more pleasurable. I appreciate platforms that are easy to use and I can manage without receiving help from anyone.

Tomorrow I will focus on the quotes I received for printing my book and pinpoint the amount of funds I will need for this book to be published. I will also work on my reward tiers to finalize them.

I plan to set my date for countdown to my Kickstarter Launch 🚀 too.

Stay Tune… I am closing in on finalizing my campaign project called, The Alphabet Comes Marching In-A Musical Movement Alphabet Story Featuring Nouns and Verbs.

Looking forward to sharing it with all of you!

Have a great day tomorrow!

Author ✍️ P.D. Hoyt

Dragonfly Publishing

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