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The Bakery Shop By Patricia Dunfey Hoyt update

My Kickstarter Campaign Project was a success!!! I had 84 people back this story on line and 16 people backed me offline. Two hundred books were pre-ordered. The money made it’s way into my account. I have used part of the money to pay for my illustrators, sample books, bulk print order of 750 books. I am currently waiting on the books being printed which hopefully will be in 9 days. Then, money will be sent out for shipping and handling. This may also be another ten days due to holidays. I am very pleased with the printing company I chose. My sales manager Angel was very nice, helpful and friendly. She had great communication skills and helped my illustrator Brenda Cogswell and I get our book ready for print. Angel knew this was my first book and she helped me and Brenda figure out the templates we used and creating bleed on our pages. Angel also gave me different quotes on page quantities and bulk orders. I received two sample books that were done to perfection. The color looks fantastic! The binding and spine look great. My end pages look nice. The cover and dust jacket both have a beautiful glossy finish and the dust jacket fits just right. The dyes used for the book are natural and the book is acid free. The bleeds go to the edge of the page and each page looks great! I am very pleased with the work that this company did. I love my book and I know you will too. I can not wait to mail you your copy of The Bakery Shop!

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