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The No-Ve-Mo Game

I am continuing to work on my Kickstarter Campaign and Creative alphabet story and game book called, The Alphabet Comes Marching In.

These Noun Tile Sticks are used in the game called, No-Ve-Mo. (Noun-Verb-Movement Game) This game involves helping the nouns in the story become involved in moving. Children help the nouns move according to how the verb suggests according to the alphabet letter on the noun page. This game comes with 130 noun tiles as well as the directions for playing the game.

I hope you will follow my creative alphabet story and game book on my Kickstarter page in mid-September. And perhaps buy the book called, The Alphabet Comes Marching In and the Literacy Guide that includes all five games to go with this story. This story will help children learn about nouns and verbs in a fun and creative way through reading, singing, moving, interacting and playing the noun tile games. Children will love learning about Parts of Speech with these books and games!

“Help Keep Kids Curiosity Alive” by having them involved in their learning through hands on books and games. They might “feel like a winner” after playing these games and learning about nouns and verbs in these special ways!

Author ✍️ Patricia Dunfey Hoyt

Dragonfly Publishing

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