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Updated: Sep 4, 2022

The Alphabet Comes Marching In

By Patricia Dunfey Hoyt

I can’t get the book to fit, so let’s call it a sneak peek instead of a cover reveal.

Tish’s Tales- August 5th, 2020

Cover Reveal for my third book called, The Alphabet Comes Marching In!

Pre-Orders will be on my Kickstarter page in Mid-September! Details coming soon. Keep this book in your thoughts for a pre-order on my launch 🚀 day! Thanks! PDHOYT


Tish’s Tales-The Bakery Shop Book

I am so excited to be finishing up my final steps in my Kickstarter Campaign Called The Bakery Shop. If you are not familiar with Kickstarter check it out by signing up and creating an account. I will send a link so you can all check out what I have been up to for the last year. You can also see my campaign too. It will launch on Kickstarter on October 5th, 2021-November 5th, 2021.

I had a successful Kickstarter Campaign! I ordered 750 copies of my book to get printed on January 25th. They arrived from China on April 7th and are now stored in my garage. I am so excited to continue shipping books out to new customers.

You can order one at the address below or on my website at

This book is great for kids age 3-10. It’s a fun, diverse, interactive, counting fingerplay musical story. It’s a great gift for children, teachers, childcare facilities and after school programs.

Pick up your copy today!

Thanks for your support!❤️


Here are the 19 boxes of books. 750 books were ordered and shipped to me from China.

19 Boxes stacked in my garage

The books were pack well from China and are in great shape. All books came double boxed and had no flaws. The books have a beautiful glossy finish, quality color images, and great stitching and printing. The books are nicely bound. I am thrilled with the quality of my books.

I have set tables up in my garage to set up stations for the packaging process. At one table the books lay opened because they have been signed with my autograph ✍️ and the ink is drying. I have another table set up with my reward tier stickers, bookmarks, and worksheets. I also have a packaging table with tape and boxes 📦 with the box already labeled as to who it is being sent to and how many books they ordered. I put the number of books ordered on the box in pen so I didn’t have to relook that information up again.

As mentioned above I received the books on April 7th and I have spent everyday packing up Kickstarter Reward Tier Bundle’s of books. On Monday, I will get the last big orders of books off into the mail. That will be a wonderful accomplishment!

I will then try setting up The Bakery Shop as an E-Book and a soft cover book on Kindle. If you could go in and write up a review on Amazon/ Kindle I would appreciate it. I will post this information to my fb an Instagram pages as well as here when I will be launching on Kindle. Thanks in advance for your support!

The Mother's Day Gift will also be set up on Kindle as a Print on Demand book or also known as a POD book. I will let you know the date of launch on Amazon.

Back cover to the book is above.

Here is the new improved cover of the book,

The Mother's Day Gift.

I love the raspberry cover!

June 22, 2022

I plan on having some hardcover books arriving with in a month. I can’t wait to have my own copies of The Mother’s Day Gift on hand to sell. Thanks for your patience with your orders!

My next Children’s book is in the works and is in the hands of my Graphic Designer. The book is called, The Alphabet Comes Marching In. It is an interactive musical story featuring nouns and verbs. In this book, there will be lesson plans as well as character paper tile puppets, so children can learn about nouns and verbs in a fun playful way. Everyone is a winner as they learn through this fun musical alphabet story. I can’t wait to share this book with you!

This book will go through the Kickstarter platform for Pre-Orders to help with the cost of printing and paying for an illustrator. The Kickstarter will take place in August. I will be working on getting it ready shortly. I will keep you informed through social media.

Until then, keep on reading!

Patricia D.Hoyt

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