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Wedding Weekend

I am so excited to share with you that my daughter Tatyana; who is one of the characters in the story The Bakery Shop, just got married this past weekend to her college sweetheart Derek. I am so happy for the two of them as they start their life together.

Instead of having a Maid of Honor she decided to have a Best Man by her side. She chose her brother Gordon; who is also a character in the story called, The Bakery Shop. What an amazing decision Tatyana made to include her brother Gordon as her Best Man. Gordon accepted his role and was an outstanding Best Man and really stepped up to help his older sister in every way. I am so proud of both of my children for teaching me how weddings of the future can look and be so different than what I expected.

Tatyana chose the closest person in her life to be there for her on her most important day and she went against the norm by having her brother be that special person. This says a lot about who she is as a strong independent woman. I couldn't be more proud!

Congratulations to my daughter Tatyana and her husband Derek on their wedding!

I am a proud mother! 😁❤️❤️😁

P.D. Hoyt-Author

Photo Credit: Les Downing

Photo of Patricia D. Hoyt, Tatyana Hoyt and Grand-mother Nadine Hack (Dunfey)

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